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Process of Services

Stages   Services


(Check Possibility)



1) Check eligibility as per express entry requirement.

2) Guidance to improve CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score.


(Preparation of Documents)



1) Create of online profile for ECA (Educational Credential Assessment, cost 285CAD, depends on the ECA authority)

2) Assist for ECA documentation check –list (passport copy, Bachelor and Master’s certificates, and transcript)
3) Guide to choose NOC (According to province demand), arrange for job supporting documents
4) Support & give access for online IELTS tutoring  (IELTS exam fees will be 16,500 taka)
6) Assist all document check list for total process
( Passport, academic documents – Bachelor and Master’s degree, IELTS report, marriage certificates, ECA report

7) Guidance to prepare explanation letter


(Profile Submission)

(with PNP & Without PNP)




1) After getting ECA certificates and IELTS result open express entry profile and submit online application.
2) After accepting your profile, complete your JOB BANK profile and submit in online.
3) After completing profile submission, receive Express entry Code and Job Bank Code.
4) Then try to use these Code to submit your profile for PNP programs (Saskatchewan, Ontario, Manitoba, Albert, Prince Edward, British Columbia and Quebec)

5) Respond to queries from immigration authority (if require)

6) Proof of fund (Just for showing purpose) (1 member: 12475 CAD, 2 members: 15530 CAD, 3 members: 19092 CAD)



(Documents Submission)



1) After receiving ITA (Invitation to apply) from Canadian Immigration, we will do provide documents and proofs of all the information mentioned in their profile on behalf of our clients.

2) Advice on Immigration matters
3) Guide to provide police clearance
4) Pay Canadian Govt. Fee and Right of Permanent                                                                                                                                             Residency fees. 1210 CAD main applicant + 1210 CAD spouse + 150 CAD/child (Per person 490+550+170)


(Get Sticker/ Seal on Passport)



1) Medical Request (Name: Dr. Abdul Wahab, Dr. A.K.M.M.R Faruq, Dr. Anup Kanti Das, Dr. Sonia Arifa)

2) Prepare all documents for embassy.

3) Advice on matter arises.


4) Prepare landing fee draft (490 CAD/Adult)

5) Passport submission fees (VFS): Per person 50 CAD

6) VISA grant.

***If you follow this guideline sincerely, your success rate will be higher than others. We will provide proper guideline in whole process. The above fees are non refundable and success is not guaranteed and so persons are requested to evaluate risk factors & possibilities before starting the process. Thanks